Unique design

exceptionally fragrant lavender

Mind your mind body & soul

Designed for all

and made with love


filled with the finest lavender buds

Made with

Organic lavender flower buds


with you in mind


tension and stress

Let the aromatic scent

sooth and uplift your spirit

Give the gift

of a stree-free mind

Feel rejuvenated

and energized

Relax and

have a great night sleep


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    iMind Pillow

    Our unique iMind Pillows are

    Our therapeutic lavender eye pillows are perfect for meditation or yoga, helping you to achieve a calm and centered state of mind, or for relaxing after a long working day. A perfect replacement to the office coffee break, or great at night to help the transition between daily thoughts and nighttime dreams.

    The flax seeds mixed with the buds ensure the perfect amount of acupressure needed by the eye to revitalize, refresh the vision, and relax the mind. They also hold moisture, heat and cold longer than other fillers, and helps to easily conforms to the contours of your eyes, applying a gentle therapeutic weight to reduce puffiness, while the soothing scent of the lavender flowers transports you to a more relaxing place, helping you to feel rejuvenated and energized.

    Rest your eyes and your mind as you calmly block out distractions with our eye pillow. Relax and ease away tension and stress.

    “Let the aromatic scent of lavender sooth and uplift your spirit.”


    Product description

    Each eye pillow is approximately 10 inches long X 3 1/2 inches wide, made with cotton or silk, and filled with a blend of 100% organically grown flax seed and organically grown lavender flowers buds.

    Heat Therapy

    Gently warm in the microwave for moist heat (try 10 seconds at a time), checking the temperature for ideal warmth. Do not overheat.

    Cooling Therapy

    Place the eye pillow in the freezer for 2 hours in the sealed zip pouch prior to use.

    About our products

    iMind Pillows are handcrafted and made at home with 100% organic lavender buds and flax seeds.

        • Designed with you in mind.
        • Made to relieve tension and stress
        • Helps relaxation and sleep

    Lavender pillows are used as aromatherapy* over the eyes, behind head and neck for relief of stress, pain and headaches, and to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, blood circulation and respiratory problems.
    (*) See our FAQs for more information on Aromatherapy

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    Note: Valid only through the month of April 2017 or while supplies last.

    Easter Special on Spring Blend**
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    (*) A Gift Certificate for a FREE iMind Pillow will be issued to a FRIEND you choose to share with.
    (**) Introducing new fabric patterns and the aroma of our new Spring blend: Lavender mixed with Rose buds and petals.
    Note: Fabric patterns will vary from the photos as iMind Pillows are UNIQUELY hand-crafted.

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